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The history of Faber Halbertsma Group

The Faber Halbertsma story begins in 1891, when Hidde Binnert Halbertsma opens a new factory and starts manufacturing wooden barrels and crates for the dairy industry. Years later, in the 1950s, Halbertsma becomes the first company in Europe to produce pallets.

Meanwhile, Frederik Faber founds his own business in Assen in 1935. This company also makes barrels and crates. In 1956, his son Kornelis joins the ranks. He takes over as company director in 1967. After a huge fire ravages his factory in 1969, the company decides to focus primarily on pallet production.

In January 1977, Frederik hands over the reins of the company to his son Kornelis. In the years following, the company acquires several businesses, including Halbertsma in 1983. In 1992, the two companies merge to form the Faber Halbertsma Group.

Pallet pooling

In 1992, Kornelis’s daughter Ingrid joins the team, followed by his son Erik in 1994. Around this time, changes to environmental legislation leads the company to discover a new angle to the pallet business: pallet pooling. In pursuit of its aspirations in terms of sustainability and circularity, pallet pooling quickly becomes one of the Group’s core activities This goes hand in hand with its ambition to become an international player. In 1997, the Faber Halbertsma Group introduces the Pallet Return System (PRS), enabling it to roll out its pallet pooling service across the European polymer industry.

In 1998, the Group acquires Philips’ international pallet pool. It then buys Logipal, a French pooling service active in the food sector, a couple of years later in 2000. These two companies merge to form what is today known as IPP, a pooling system focused on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

In September 2006, Kornelis hands over leadership of the company to his daughter Ingrid. This milestone is followed six years later by the takeover of PAKi Logistics, a European company that leases standard EUR-pallets. In 2016, the Spanish pooling company El Palet Verde becomes part of IPP, while vPool – based in Germany – is acquired and becomes part of PAKi in 2019.

And the story continues…