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Partnership Land Life Company

At Faber Halbertsma Group, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprints and that of our partners and of society as a whole. New ways, to turn the world into a greener and healthier place. In our search, we have recently found a kindred spirit:  Land Life Company.

Global reforestation

Land Life Company was established in 2013 by Jurriaan Ruys, former partner at McKinsey and Eduard Zanen, the founder of Bugaboo. The goal, then and now: to reforest 2 billion acres of severely eroded areas around the world. With trees that can take a beating and are very useful as pioneers, and using the latest technologies and insights. In that way, Land Life Company aims  to restore nature, support local economies and contribute to the mitigation of the negative effects of carbon deposits. A grown tree is able to absorb a great deal of carbon from the air.

Land Life Company often collaborates with international business partners. Recently, we became one of them and we are very proud of that. The coming years, we will provide financial support for Land Life Company’s projects.  

Planting trees

The first result of our collaboration with Land Life Company can be found in Tarilonte de la Peña, in the Spanish region of Castillo y Léon – the largest of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions. It’s an area that used to be intensively grazed by sheep. As a result, the soil has been completely destroyed; nowadays, hardly anything grows at Tarilonte anymore.

When working the land was no longer an option in this originally agricultural region, employment opportunities soon evaporated. No wonder that many people left the area. The erosion proved to be a disaster – not only in an ecological sense, but also with regards to the local economy and the community’s social fabric.

In order to give Tarilonte and its surroundings a new lease of life, Land Life Company aims to plant a total of 40,800 trees, on 68 acres and in 13 different varieties – with the financial support of Faber Halbertsma Group. And once this project is complete, Faber Halbertsma Group will keep on providing funds to Land Life Company, to the amount of 100,000 euros per year.

Monitoring the growth

Land Life Company has developed a portal that we can use to keep track of the projects’ progress. There, we can monitor how many trees have been planted (enriched with footage made by drones), whether the trees are growing well and how much carbon has been absorbed.

At the time of writing, 2000 trees had been planted. We’re off to a good start!