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Thanks to computer-controlled machines and minimum adjustment times, pallets can be produced almost immediately in any desired size and quantity. Customers receive their ordered pallets within 24 hours, even if we don’t have them in stock.

Faber Pallets also keeps the exact specifications of clients in stock so that they can deliver as quickly as possible when requested.

Every year, we produce more than 2 million pallets, delivering them to the paper industry and chemical industry, among others. Besides the production of pallets, Faber Pallets can also collect, repair and re-use pallets.

Office Address

Hoofdvaartsweg 66
9406 XC Assen

P.O. Box 100
9400 AC Assen

+31 88 991 513 0


ISO 9001 (NL)

ISO 9001 (UK)

REACH Statement