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Thanks to the long experience of our professionals, we can call ourselves specialists in maritime and air freight packaging. 

Between two big ports

Our location between two big ports is another strong point: Packaging Partners is situated around thirty kilometres from the port of Antwerp and the port of Rotterdam is also nearby.

Quality, service, flexibility and communication are among the values that our company is known for.

Pre-packaging in aluminium cover

When shipping delicate equipment like engines and control cabinets by sea freight, it’s important that it is optimally protected from external influences. For sea freight, packaging in a box is not enough, even if the boxes are secured in the sea containers.

Packaging Partners can pre-package your material in a vacuum-insulated cover containing the necessary moisture absorbent substances. This means that your material will not be damaged during transport by sea. After the journey, the boxes can then be stored outside without any problem.

Safe and affordable

Boxes that are used for air freight must often meet specific requirements. Sometimes there are limitations on the dimensions, for example, and the weight of the box must be kept as low as possible in relation to transport costs.

Together with you, Packaging Partners looks for the best solution so that your material can be shipped as cost efficiently as possible.

Treatment according to the ISPM 15 standard

The phytosanitary treatment of wood packaging is aimed at preventing the international spread of harmful insects and organisms.

Thanks to the parent company Pasec, Packaging Partners can treat all the packaging wood according to the ISPM 15 standard, with all the necessary certificates. As a result, Packaging Partners does not depend on third parties and can guarantee the short term delivery times for the packaging materials.

Specially designed to your specific demands

In principle, Packaging Partners does not have any stock products. Every box, crate or suspension pallet is specially designed to meet the needs of the client and the specific demands of the product to be packed.

In addition, Packaging Partners can also provide wooden saddles, cots and chairs. In doing so, it takes into account the nature of the material, the weight, type of transport (road, sea or air freight), country of destination and obviously your wishes.

Office Address

Packaging Partners
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