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A short history of our company

The Faber Halbertsma story began in 1891, when the Halbertsma family took up a new trade and started producing wooden barrels for butter. While the Halbertsma company flourished and gradually moved towards the production of pallets, the Faber family founded a similar business in Assen in 1935.

When in 1969 the Faber company was hit by an enormous fire, the company decided to shift its production focus to pallets as well. A great idea, as it turned out. In 1992, the two companies merged to form the Faber Halbertsma Group. Over the years, we have grown into today’s family of companies, providing a portfolio of sustainable pallet and pooling services and products.

We simply deliver

Through a highly motivated workforce, excellent customer service and a focus on circularity and re-use of resources, we aim to reduce our CO2 footprint and provide complete peace of mind to our customers. Both with regards to their logistical challenges and their increasingly important sustainability goals.

We work together to deliver results

Key facts and figures for 2019

€ 330.000.000

Turnover 2019


Number of employees (FTE) 2019


Produced and repaired pallets 2019

€ 129.300.000

Added value 2019

€ 100.000

Charitable contributions

€ 18.100.000

Result after tax 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

We do business in a respectful way, respect for the environment, respect for our customers and respect for all those co-workers who add to our success, day in and day out. To us, corporate social responsibility is not just another box to tick. It is part of our DNA.

Always near

Based in The Netherlands, Faber Halbertsma Group has operations throughout most of Europe. On top of that, we are constantly looking for opportunities to expand our business into new regions. Our aim is to always have a local presence. In that way, we can guarantee our ability to quickly deal with any logistical challenge, wherever our customers may be.

Executive Team

Since 2006 Faber Halbertsma Group is led by Ingrid Faber. The current board members are:

The Board

Ingrid Faber

I.G.C. (Ingrid) Faber

CEO Faber Halbertsma Group

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Stan Peeters

C.M.F. (Stan) Peeters

CFO Faber Halbertsma Group

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Supervisory Board

Dhr. C.M. Jaski (Voorzitter) View career

Dhr. F.F. Faber View career

Dhr. H.J.G. Hendriks View career

Dhr. M. Kesteloo View career

Dhr. L.M. Sondag View career

Division Board


Eric Schrover
Chief Commercial Officer
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Phil Storer
Chief Operations Officer
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Arno Kolen
Chief Finance Officer
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Christian Agasse
Chief Executive Officer
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Sven Kokemor
Chief Financial Officer
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David Mayo
Chief Operations Officer
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Erik Faber
Managing Director
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Arno Kolen
Chief Finance Officer
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Pallet Production

Duncan Moser
Chief Executive Officer
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Onno Geurts
Financial Director
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Pieter Krook
Director Purchasing
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Pleun van Gemert
Financial Controller
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In our view, charity is a core element of good corporate social responsibility practices. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.