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We provide sustainable, reliable, cost-effective pallet and pooling services and products to virtually all industries throughout Europe.


We have developed a robust, agile and sustainable pooling network across Europe to streamline the supply chain. In our quest to a greener future, we are always looking for new and smarter ways to carry and transport goods.


Safe and secure transport and packaging solutions should be available to everyone, everywhere. We also believe we have a responsibility towards our customers and future generations to provide reusable and sustainable products and services.

Family of companies

A diversified group of specialist pooling businesses, we are one of Europe’s preeminent suppliers of sustainable pallet products and pooling services. With our pallet production partners, well-established pooling service providers and local presence, we can offer a fitting solution for any pallet requirement. Meet the whole Faber Halbertsma Group family.

Sustainable closed pallet & box pooling services for the FMCG and recycling industry.

Sustainable open pooling services for exchangeable standardised load carriers.

Sustainable closed pallet pooling services for the polymer industry.

Satim sources Kiln Dried and fresh sawn sustainable timber across Europe.

Sustainable open pooling services for grade load carriers.